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Habtic is a long term programme to foster healthy lifestyles and increase well-being. Our methods are based on the modification of a user's habits, which is no easy task by any definition.

Habits can take from weeks to months to establish. They need to be monitored, checked, verified, and modified. Changing an existing bad habtic can require deprogramming.

Even in the most ideal of circumstances, with unwavering determination and no setbacks, the simplest habit-based intervention requires a serious investment of hundreds of hours.

Our coaches are here to help.

Habtic coach

Meet the gang

The Mentors speak from the experience of their own successes.

Professors... speak. At length, and in great detail, about the science they love.

Motivators are your biggest fans. Unashamed, unrelenting, they will never let you let yourself down.

Together, you couldn't ask for a better group of adventure companions.

Habtic coach with 3D mesh

Your very own dream team

Habtic is the only platform that can meet that need at scale, with consistent quality and result of intervention. Our coaches are there, always on, always available, unerringly digital in their accuracy, uncannily skilled in their suggestions.

As the synthesis of our Avatar programme, Habtic coaches are companionable, relatable presences that are simply unable to let Habtic users down. They have been programmed for all kinds of tasks, but they won't do that.