Habtic Delivers

In a world where the very definition of "vitality" is subject to chicanery and constant reinvention, Habtic delivers. Results and insights are tailored to your company and people, and delivered to your boardroom with precise Contributor and Impact reports.

Not only is our model of human vitality groundbreaking, our Contributor metrics break down the potential and productivity of your employees in clear, actionable categories. We don't just throw words like Stress Resistance, Dynamism, or Sharpness around. Each of our six Contributors is measured from precise user interactions within Habtic in exact scientific terms.

Habtic is the compass that guides your journey through healthy lifestyles and corporate well-being. We can deliver accurate, factual metrics that have direct impact on hot-button issues such as sick rate percentages and burnout rates. Together with our consultancy, we can work on building a stronger, fitter for fight workforce, one intervention at a time.

Habtic metrics

A personal investment

All our data and insights aren't just crunched out and served cold. We personally deliver each report and help you navigate and interpret the results based on our extensive experience in the field of healthy lifestyles and well-being.

Habtic means having extensive human insight and powerful AI data at your service to advance the shared goals of every organism: growth and well-being.