Overview of Habtonomics

Before Habtic...

Before there could be Habtic, we first had to deliver the Habtonomics. Before our researchers could get to work on the wide world of content required to coach real people towards healthy lifestyles, they first had to be able to objectively describe those lifestyles to a software program.

The Habtonomics are seven vital domains that were designed to accurately describe every facet of human experience and growth. Habtic's not about steps of calories, it's about people. Based on traditional personality and activity models, the Habtonomics establishes an all-inclusive range of knowledge and activity models.

Without that revolutionary first step, that refusal to bow to penny-pinching, percentage-based accountancy of human life, there would be no Habtic.

It's a good chat

Habtic's stories are cast as engaging, interactive conversations with our very own digital avatars

We don't question, we ask

There are no tortuous questionnaires to fill out - to at least it doesnʼt feel that way as users provide snippets of information as dynamic replies to natural questions.

It's playful

A large number of activities are presented as mini games that reward users for play and commitment. Each is naturally fully backed by science.

It's an endless playground

Habtic features a huge range of activities and content. One of our goals is to always be able to offer a relevant, new experience to users every time they return.

In the the name of research

Our research and content team was Habtic from the very beginning. After creating a holistic, multidimensional model of human wellness, our brave researchers had to then create content for our stories.

Habtic content is put through a strict, uncompromising process of data vetting that includes securing consensus amongst tier 1 peer-reviewed publications only.

Science isnʼt just a badge we parade for authority: itʼs our faith. Our roots lie in medical treatment, and we carried over the life-or-death seriousness of doing homework, and doing it right, to every aspect of Habticʼs content.

However, science does tend to be a little dry when it comes to keeping busy citizens of the digital world engaged.

Habticʼs content doesnʼt look like science. Itʼs a rich, multimedia storytelling experience that engages and delights users with high production values, entertaining mini games and activities, and best-in-class graphics and presentation.

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