Just one road: the one you travel.

There are no predefined paths within Habtic. We deploy the full power of our Profiler learning system to constantly recalculate the most effective, interesting path for each user. It's your journey, we just provide the options.

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The Profiler: less Artificial, more Intelligence

Habtic's Profiler is a custom AI system that grows with our insights in our users. Built to decide the best path forward for optimal wellness and development, the Profiler is designed to grow into an uncannily accurate companion for Habtic adventures.

Within minutes of registration, there are already 78 possible profiles. Within days of use, thousands. Within weeks, the exact combination of planned activities for each user becomes nearly impossible to predict.

And there's more. The Profiler constantly rebuilds every single one of those pathways with each new thing it learns about the user. No matter what we knew before, every new piece of information about a user can lead to a complete revision of our understanding of their needs.

This is true emergence: a complex, integrated system that creates custom plans for every single user.

Getting to know you

One of Habtic's goals is to learn from user interaction. We built an accurate model of the interests, progress, and goals of each user by recording and processing every preference and reply they provide.

The challenge is to match increasingly more accurate and refined profiles with an ever-expanding library of content that isn't going to stop growing any time soon.

Habtic's Profiler is a finely crafted series of AI systems built for personalisation and emergence that can deal with those requirements, and then more.

By avoiding third-party systems built for generic data processing pipelines, we were free to engineer an AI paradigm built precisely to match our requirements.

The Profiler is an efficient, modular, expandable decision-making machine that has only one purpose: to learn from Habtic users, and to come up with the very best recommendations on how to go next on your path to wellness.

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