Privacy Policy

Habtic (“Habtic”) is a coaching system to inspire healthy lifestyles. Habtic offers 24/7 digital coaching, it can be used in offline mode, and it is built to respect the sanctity of our users’ (“Users”) data. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and protect User information, as well as detail User choice in the matter.

By using Habtic, you understand and agree that we are storing all the information you provide us in the course of regular use of the application.

Habtic does not save any personal information, with the exception of User emails, which the Users can choose not to provide us with. Habtic only uses the email address to send notifications and scheduling information exclusively pertaining to Habtic services and training programmes.

Our policy is to anonymize all personal data. We link it to Users only to the extent absolutely necessary for the app to provide personalized services.

User data does not at any point leave Habtic for external processing by any company other than Habtic. Habtic does not share User information with anyone, with the sole exception of providing completely anonymised usage pattern reports to the Users’ employers (the “Contributors” report).

When Users install Habtic on their personal mobile devices, we collect a “device identifier” to help us track User progress in case they use Habtic on multiple devices.

Additionally, we may store some information to facilitate the following activities:

  • Signing into new devices
  • Keeping Users signed in on their mobile device
  • Test and monitor the effectiveness of Habtic’s services
  • Further develop Habtic’s services
  • Monitor metrics such as use hours, favourite activities, and usage patterns
  • Diagnosing and fixing Habtic services
  • Automatically update Habtic on your mobile device

User information is stored on cloud services built for redundancy and accessibility. Because of the distributed nature of cloud applications, we can only guarantee shard location (“Western Europe”, for example), but not national storage.

User data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and Habtic uses strict internal policies to anonymise and protect User data. We leave protection of personal password and data to the Users themselves - be wary who you share your information with.

Users can at any time request the deletion or delivery of their data. They can do so by contacting their Habtic support representative.